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88.5 WMNF MidPoint Program on Health Insurance

WMNF MidPoint host Shelley Reback will be speaking with Dr. Xonjenese Jacobs role of navigators and will help connect the dots for Floridians who are confused about their options now that Medicaid is off the table and address the dire situation of underinsured in Florida.

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How Medicaid Enrollees Can Avoid Losing Coverage

Florida had 22 Million residents last year, and almost 25% of those utilized Medicaid or Florida Kidcare for their health coverage. 1.7 Million residents joined Medicaid during the Covid-19 public health emergency (PHE), including 500,000 children. Now that the pandemic is winding down…

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Be Aware of Approaching Medicaid Deadline

Regarding Public Health Policy, oftentimes Florida manages to become the center of attention. Some of the time it’s for great news, like regularly leading the nation in numbers of Marketplace enrollees for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Other times it’s not so great, like when Tallahassee’s…

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Public Charge: Reimagining the Social Safety Net

Join the Florida Protecting Immigrant Families Coalition for ‘Public Charge: Reimagining the Social Safety Net’ on March 1st at 10 a.m.! This virtual gathering will examine where the public charge rule stands, the ongoing chilling effect caused by the rule, and how we can expand immigrant access…

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How to Update Your Information with the Florida Medicaid System

Florida experienced high Medicaid enrollment during the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE), and could see a 30% loss in our insured population when the PHE ends. Our Navigators and Assisters will provide FREE help to beneficiaries who will need help navigating Medicaid redeterminations and…

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